About Polecola

We are here to unite you with your goal: success.

About Polecola

Hello! We are very happy every time someone like you, a professional concerned about the quality of your products, comes to us. It's the beginning of a successful partnership, and we can say this before we even talk, because here at Polecola, your business always comes first, whatever it may be – furniture, plywood, doors and coatings, thermal and acoustic insulation industry, evaporative beehives and filters industry, sandpaper industry, electrical insulation industry – or any other segment that requires quality raw material.

We know that each product manufactured here – phenolic, urea and melamine resins, tego film and melamine paper – will directly impact your product final quality, so we work with responsibility and commitment, delivering in addition to the order, a technical support that makes a difference in your production line.

Polecola is quality assurance.

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We are here to unite you with your goal: success.

Qualified technical support

Present in 4 countries

20 years of experience

Effective logistics,

with SASSMAQ certified own fleet