Quality Assurance

Qualified technical support

We know that each product manufactured here – – will directly impact the final quality of your product, so we work with responsibility and commitment, delivering the order and a technical support that makes a difference in your production line.

Our experts evaluate and correct whatever is necessary to improve your production line.

Technology in your favor

We have our own laboratory that ensures the quality standard of resins and works constantly in research and product development. This way, we can customize each formula according to your industry’s needs.

Present in 4 countries

Industries in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia choose Polecola products to have customized options and ensure their products’ final quality. A proprietary fleet ensures that all orders arrive on time.


We always seek to produce by causing the least possible environmental impact. Our entire truck fleet is certified by SASSMAQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assessment System). In addition, the waste generated here are adequately treated by Cetric.

20 years of experience

Polecola has more than 20 years of experience in several segments:

  • Furniture industry
  • Plywood industry
  • Door & Coating Industry
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation industry
  • Evaporative hive and filter industry
  • Sandpaper industry
  • Electrical Insulation Industry
  • Impregnation industry of phenolic and melamine papers

Be part of the large industries that use our raw material:

ISO 9001 - Quality Policy

Pole Cola, a manufacturer of synthetic resins and phenolic paper, operating in national and international markets, through its Quality Management System (QMS), has as purposes:

Continuous improvement of processes’ performance, through technological increase, innovation and improvement of human resources.

Meeting the requirements of all stakeholders, so that they bring long-term relationships.

Establish and continuously evaluate quality objectives and goals, seeking the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

001- MQ, Revision - 00 - 18/01/2021